Voiced by Sarunas J. Jackson

From HBO's “Insecure” and Freeform's “Good trouble”

Sarunas J. Jackson

Welcome to Malcolm's World

There’s no one quite like Malcolm. Confident, but not cocky, and never afraid to break the rules. He’s the kind of person who pulls you into his orbit and makes it almost impossible for you to pull away. Not that anyone would ever want to move away from Malcolm.

Now, it’s easier than ever to get lost in his world. Listen to the first two episodes of his series “Off the Record,” and then check out his Pillowtalk that puts you right in bed with him. “Off the Record III” drops on Sunday, August 8th, with more to come from Malcolm on Sunday, August 15th. Stay tuned…


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"I'm all about what Dipsea is doing. Not being shamed or shameful about people being sexual, and being very sex positive, and it being run by women."

Sarunas J. Jackson

"I’ve never had a character built off of the conversations I’ve had — with this series it was tailor made. It’s another way to express myself in a form of art, and a form of freedom."

Sarunas J. Jackson

"Malcolm is just an extension of me, to be honest. The confidence, him liking to take control."

Sarunas J. Jackson

Off The Record Trailer