Off The Record

Starring Sarunas J. Jackson

From HBO's “Insecure” and Freeform's “Good trouble”

Sarunas J. Jackson

About the series

Malcolm has a reputation. He’s understood to be a rebellious and unapologetic designer, and steers clear of the press. But when an old friend from school named Nina is tasked with interviewing him, his walls start to come down – and something new is sparked.

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"I'm all about what Dipsea is doing. Not being shamed or shameful about people being sexual, and being very sex positive, and it being ran by women."

Sarunas J. Jackson

"I’ve never had a character built off of the conversations I’ve had — with this series it was tailor made. It’s another way to express myself in a form of art, and a form of freedom."

Sarunas J. Jackson

"Malcolm is just an extension of me, to be honest. The confidence, him liking to take control."

Sarunas J. Jackson

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