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Explore hundreds of bite-sized sexy audio stories, wellness sessions, and sleep scenes.

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"Where sexual wellness and desire meet storytelling."


"Dipsea made me feel turned on in a reliable way that I’ve never really experienced with other content."

Janie, 28

"A genre of its own, with audio details that enhance a sense of pleasure, safety, and calm."

The New Yorker

"I swear I have been looking for Dipsea forever."

Sarah, 29

"Listening to Dipsea helps me get into a headspace where I’m open and excited about exploring with my partner."

Jacqueline, 22

"It feels meditative and more like self-care. Very relaxing and centering."

Margo, 24

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Where fantasies become real

Explore audio stories with immersive soundscapes and realistic storylines that will take you places.

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Serialized stories with chapters you'll love

Follow your favorite characters through multiple episodes. Like all Dipsea stories, you'll find series with straight or queer storylines and diverse themes.

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A better bedtime habit

Dipsea is an invitation to stop scrolling and start listening. Queue up a soothing soundscape after your sexy story, or explore a world of sleep scenes and stories.

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A safe place to explore

Guided wellness sessions and meditations led by experts in sex, dating, and wellness.